Körner’s Folly / by Elizabeth Woodward

Kodak Porta 160 Film
Körner’s Folly
Kernersville, North Carolina
December 2012

Körner’s Folly is known as one of the strangest homes in America.  Designed by Jule Gilmer Körner, a decorator, designer, and artist, it boasts 22 rooms on three floors and seven levels.  "Levels?" you ask?  Well, that's the oddest thing about this place.  Several of the floors contain miniature floors within them, so you're never quite sure where you are in the house.  Each room had incredible detailing, from the floorboards to the crown molding.  Even the furniture was unique.  Quite frankly, I've never seen anything like it.

If you're ever in North Carolina, I highly recommend making the trip